The Path to Becoming a High-Performing Project Manager in 5 Weeks

A New Online Training Program to Teach You How to Become a High-Performing Project Manager by Maximising Your Project Management Skills, Productivity and Mindset.

Enrolment for the next cohort closes in:

Are You ready to Become a High-Performing Project Manager to Accelerate Your Career And Become What You’re Capable of Being?

How Much is Not Performing at Your Full Potential Holding You Back in Your Career?

The majority of Project Managers accept how they work or have been asked to work as the norm, what you should be asking yourself is what COULD you do, not what SHOULD you do.

Do any of the below struggles sound familiar?

You try the latest task management app when you're overwhelmed with your workload?
You find yourself working during your holiday to finish a handover or check on a project that you don't feel comfortable leaving unattended?
You work extra hours hoping to reduce your workload, but end up feeling overwhelmed and with an ever-growing to-do list?
Your weeks and months are flying by, and you don’t feel you’re progressing in your career?
You shy away from new challenges and feel nervous presenting to clients or a crowd?
You lack the frameworks and processes to run your projects or teams consistently?
You lack the confidence to apply for promotion or a new job as you don’t feel you have the skills or experience?
You struggle to focus at work, your days are always busy, and you often can’t recall what you got done that day?

No one should be held back in their career either by their mindset, lack of the proper workplace training or inability to work productively. Unfortunately, there is either too much training based on theory or no training available on the job, so Project Managers miss out on the opportunity to become what they’re capable of being.


The High Performing Project Manager Program

The High-Performing Project Manager Program is a 5-week online program, with the next cohort starting Monday, June 24th, 2024 where you’ll learn how to unlock your full potential as a Project Manager and close the gap between who you are and who you can be. Every Project Manager should be able to reach their full potential. 

Access to 40 plus video lessons, over 8hrs of content, weekly open live Q&As, and tasks to help you learn and implement changes immediately to how you work and perform, plus connect with other project managers on the same path in the community portal. .

The Q&A sessions are recorded in case you’re not able to attend.

Over 20 years of Project Management experience has gone into creating this program.

The entire program will only take about 60-90 minutes of your time per week – and since all the video lessons and live Q&As will be recorded, you can also go through the program at your own pace – you’ll have lifetime access.

Become a High-Performing Project Manager in 5-Weeks and Accelerate Your Career

In this 5-week live training program, you’ll learn how to..
Create planning approaches for your own actions and multiple scenarios on any project.
Delivery of advanced project communications for your team and clients
Achieve financial success on your projects and set the standards for your company
Frameworks to maximise your productivity and performance so you can maintain your new skills as a high performing Project Manager
Implement the mindset & behaviours of a high-performing Project Manager

Every Project Manager deserves the opportunity to become what they’re capable of being in their career. You don’t have to settle for mediocre.


Here’s what you’ll get


Mastering the Project Manager's Mindset & Behaviours: Strategies for Success

In week one, you'll discover the importance of mindset and self-discipline in achieving high performance and what a high-performing project manager is. 

Developing your mindset is the foundational layer of a high-performing Project Manager. This week, you'll learn the theory of developing a strong mindset with the practical approaches for improving yours. 

  • Overview of the program and introduction to week one
  • What really matters as a Project Manager
  • Rising Above the Rest: Secrets of high-performing Project Managers
  • The DNA of high-performing Project Managers: 10 Behaviors to Excel
  • Creating your own performance algorithms to crush your day
  • Performance analysis made simple: A guide to self-assessment
  • How to manage nerves and perform to your potential
  • Week one actions and worksheets


How to create the self-discipline to maintain high performance

Self-discipline is often the difference between a good day and a great one. If you reflect on your performance each day, the areas where you could have performed better are typically down to your self-discipline or lack of.

During week three, we'll explore self-discipline, what this means for you as a Project Manager and what you can do to improve yours.

  • Introduction to week two
  • What is self-discipline, and 3-Steps to improve it
  • The importance of the fundamentals
  • How to create your masterpiece days and set new standards
  • Reflect, listen and learn
  • Week two actions and worksheets


How do you plan like a high-performing project manager?

Project Managers are often taught how to plan a project but not how to plan and manage their own time, how to plan short, medium and long-term, plus how to plan when things haven’t gone to plan.

During week two, you’ll learn multiple planning approaches that will arm you with what you need to handle all aspects of managing a project and your performance.

  • Introduction to week three
  • The proactive planning approach to take control of your workload
  • Creating a continuous short-term planning approach
  • How to go from a problem to a solution to a plan
  • Time crunch planning
  • Planning roles and responsibilities for your project that work
  • Risk planning: The be brave approach
  • Using W.O.O.P to plan everything from 121’s to workshops
  • Week three actions and worksheets


Empower yourself by mastering your project finances and communication with your team and client

Finance management and control are fundamental pillars for achieving project success. It’s often over-complicated, and to become a high-performing Project Manager, you need to have a consistent approach to finance management that utilises the capabilities of your team, so it’s not all on you. 

In week three, you’ll cover the core things you need to know about your project finances, how to track them, and how you can create a shared approach to finance management.

  • Introduction to week 4 
  • The budget management triangle to stay in control of your finances
  • Moving beyond the standard approach to scoping a project
  • What you do when a client calls you with a problem
  • Advanced project communications to capture problems early
  • Meeting agenda’s that work
  • How to receive less emails and get more time back
  • How to implement a continuous learning approach for your team
  • Week four actions and worksheets 


You know what to do, but how do you maintain it?

In the final week of this course, you will focus on your productivity and ongoing performance. During the first four weeks, you have learned how to develop the mindset of a high-performing Project Manager and acquired multiple skills and approaches to deliver high performance on your projects. However, focusing on yourself, your workload and your ability to concentrate is equally important. 

Week 5 of the course will help you understand where to focus to be your most productive self. You will learn about the meaning of productivity, how to develop good habits, manage distractions, and explore many other techniques so you can perform at a high level every day.

This will help you move from where you're now to where you're capable of being.

  • Introduction to week 5
  • Learn the three stages of Productivity to improve your performance
  • The power of habits and how to own your day
  • How to plan your day so you're not reactive, but proactive
  • How to fight distractions at work
  • How to stop doing what doesn't serve you
  • The power of the checklist
  • What you must do every week to maintain high performance
  • Week five actions and worksheets
  • Program closure

Live Coaching & Mentoring for Your Unique Challenges. Every week, we’ll host a live online session with plenty of time to ask questions so we can focus on your unique situation and challenges.

What you can expect

On-Demand Video Training with Ben Willmott

Five training modules containing over 40 on-demand video lessons taking you through all of the content and approaches covered in the program. A new module is released each week to view at your own pace.

Access to a Community of Project Managers

Every cohort of PMs is added to the community space, which will help guide you through the program, give you access to the Q&As and templates (37 plus and counting), and allow you to share challenges and questions with fellow like-minded Project Managers.

Live Coaching & Mentoring with Ben Willmott

You will also receive access to live online Q&A sessions for further coaching and mentoring and the opportunity to collaborate and learn from fellow Project Managers.

Sessions will be recorded in case you’re not able to attend.

Free Templates & Processes

Each module has supporting templates and approaches for you to adapt and use in your day-to-day role as a Project Manager.

These have all been used on live projects and are ready to use. 

Project Management Doesn't Have To Be Hard

I’ve worked in project management for over 20 years. Everyone expects you to know everything, be on top of every task, and never miss a beat.

I often worked late or started early, hoping I’d finally be in complete control of my project by working harder. 

I've been there, constantly feeling I need to do more for my team, or there will be a problem around the corner, or will we meet the next deadline.

Taking what I've learned working for nearly 20 years of running projects and managing large teams of project managers, I've created the high-performance program to make Project Management easier for you so you can thrive.

The program combines all of my learnings into a bespoke training program that focuses on your project management skills, productivity, and mindset, as when connected, it enables you to become a high-performing project manager and flourish in your career.

Do you want to achieve what you're capable of?

Here's what the students are saying about the program

Ben distills his extensive experience into practical advice, emphasising core soft skills over complex frameworks. I've picked up several valuable insights on bettering how I manage my time, team, and projects. Project managers seeking self-improvement would greatly benefit from Ben's course.

Daphne - Program Manager

In the 5-weeks I learned lessons which showed me how to make small changes day-to-day which have a huge impact on my performance, confidence and attitude.

Project Director

In addition too the course content Ben sets up regular calls with himself and the rest of the cohort, which are a fantastic way to share knowledge and troubleshoot any issues which the team are facing within their role. It’s a true community and wonderful to be apart of.

Kamal - Project Director

"The content feels like it is bespoke for me."

Project Director

"Implementable and practical approaches."

Snr Project Manager

"Using the performance algorithms approach from week one, a simple tool to change how I work and has revolutionised my thinking already."

Project Director

"The course has been great so far! Especially the exercises in week 1. It really helped me dive deep into my strengths and where I want to grow as a PM. I already feel way more confident in my role today"

Project Coordinator

"The self-assessment worked really well at the start, so I can review where I am now and then compare to where I'll get to by the end"

Project Manager

What really helped me was the neutral thinking approach. By removing emotion as much as possible, I'll stay calm and focused on what I needed to do next and not react in the moment."

Snr Project Manager

In summary, you get everything below:

A bank of project management templates you can use immediately on your projects and self-development. 37 and counting.
Lifetime access to the program so you can review at your own pace and come back to it
Live coaching and mentoring sessions with Ben Willmott
Over 40 on demand training videos and recorded live sessions
Workshop planning and preparation checklist
Pitch planning approach ready to use in Trello
Weekly review templates
SOW template to adapt and use at your company
Project estimation template for multiple project types
The proactive planning approach to take back control of your to-do list
Meeting and email templates
Project finances baseline checklist  
Access to a community portal with work with and learn from other Project Managers
Productivity review approach
Weekly and monthly checklists for high-performance
All included in a single investment of £497

High-Performance Program




Who is The high-performance program for?

GREAT question! The high-performance program is for anyone who works on projects, not just Project Managers. Whether you're in Account Management, Project Management or a team lead, you can utilise what you learn. Junior PMs through to Project Leads can all benefit from the program

How do you know if I would benefit from the high-performance program?

Let me ask you this:

Do you want to be more productive?
Do you want to have a stronger mindset at work?
Do you want to improve how you plan and run projects and teams?
Are you looking to move up a level at work or go for a new job elsewhere?

This high-performance program is for you if the answer is yes to any of these.

Do I need to have a certain level of experience before I sign up?

Not at all. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at in your career; if you have the right mindset to want to learn and improve yourself, then this program is for you.

How is high-performance program different to other project management training?

Another great question!

Most training out there for Project Managers is a course of some sort, the majority of them valuable, but they’re designed for the thousands, so many are very similar.

You learn a lot on the course, and it looks great on your CV, but how much can you implement in your day job, as often, they're to big a change to implement.

The high-performance program is based on experience of being a Project Manager, practical and implementable. It's not another delivery methodology you can't implement in the day job.

Will I get access to Ben Willmott?

Yes, you’ll be able can ask me questions during the weekly live online coaching and mentoring! In addition to the 40 plus on-demand video lessons and worksheets you will receive, we will also meet live online.

Last but not least, al the live sessions will be recorded. You’ll have lifetime access to the program, so if you miss a live session, you can catch up anytime you like.

Will I be able to join at later time?

Once the program starts, it's locked in for 5-weeks and only those who joined prior to day one, can be on the program.

If you've missed this cut off, ensure you're on the waitlist so you can hear when the program will be run again.

Still have questions? Email us at