Real-world Project Management coaching designed for you

Project Management certifications look good on your CV, but they only teach you a small aspect of what it takes to be a high-performing Project Manager.

The PPM coaching program enhances your Project Management skills, productivity, and mindset.

Whether you're just starting your Project Management career or leading a team, it's bespoke and tailored to you.

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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with your workload, you install the latest action-tracking app, hoping you’ll finally get on top of everything.
Are you often working the first few days of your holiday to finish that handover or checking in on your project as you feel it can’t be left alone?
You’ve tried starting work super early or working late, hoping to get on top of your workload, only to hit the wall the next day, and your to do list starts to build up again?
You struggle to focus at work, your days are always busy, and you often can’t recall what you actually got done; you were just busy.
You back away from new challenges, and the thought of presenting to a client or a room full of people fill you with nerves.
Do you lack the confidence to go for that promotion or apply for that new job as you don’t feel you have the skills or experience?
Do you lack the frameworks and processes to run your projects or teams that would free up your time to focus on what really matters in your projects?
Your weeks and months are flying by and you don’t feel you’re progressing in your career?

To truly excel as a Project Manager, it takes more than just technical know-how. You need to be able to stay productive and maintain the right mindset to handle any situation that comes your way.

Having strong Project Management skills is crucial for success.

However, many companies fail to adequately train their PMs to handle the challenges and stress of the role, regardless of their level or experience.

The PPM coaching program enhances your PM skills, productivity, and mindset.

You will boost your performance and advance your career by improving these areas.

What you will learn, overview

Pillar 1: Your Productivity

The fundamentals of what is means to be highly productive and utilising habits to work smarter not harder

Compound your positive habits and develop new ones to perform at a high level consistently
Learn how to plan effectively that creates more time for you and greater control of your projects
Develop the working environments needed for consistently high-performance days
Take back control of your days so you're no longer in reactive mode
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Pillar 2: Your Role

Helping you achieve what you’re capable of being in your current role or one you’re targeting in the future.  

Acquire the essential skills and methods to confidently guide and manage teams.
Understand and implement the behaviours of high performing Project Managers
Discover advanced client communication skills to benefit you, your team, and your clients.
Create project planning strategies that can be customised for any project.
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Pillar 3: Your Mindset

Developing your mindset so you can achieve what you’re capable of and do it in a way that you’re comfortable with.

Develop a mindset of success that gives you the strength to overcome challenges instead of allowing them to hinder your progress.
Cultivate a mindset that enables you to spot opportunities in every situation.
Identify any behaviors that may be hindering your progress and preventing you from achieving peak performance.
Eliminate feelings of overwhelm to maintain a calm and focused mindset towards important tasks.
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What's included

Twelve one-to-one coaching sessions to coach and support you throughout the journey

Huge bank of Project Management templates you can adapt and save you time

A fully online course on Project Management, Productivity and Mindset to supplement the coaching sessions

Accountability check-ins to keep you focused on your commitments and development

Checklists for project planning, preparing for workshops and many other different aspects of Project Management

How to presentations for your learning or to be used in your workplace

Why the the Productive Project Manager course was created

There is one simple aim. To help Project Managers to excel and stand out from the crowd. The course is online and can be undertaken at a pace and time that works for you.

Register your interest to be the first to hear when the course is launched.

The coaching programme has a unique approach to training combining multiple methods to maximise your personal development.


Who is The PPM Academy Programme for?

GREAT question! The PPM Academy Prog is for anyone who wants to progress faster in their career, be in more control of their time and what they work on, and lead teams, to name a few benefits.

How do you know if you would benefit from this coaching programme?

Let me ask you this:

Do you want to be more productive?
Do you want to have a stronger mindset at work?
Do you want to improve how you plan and run projects and teams?
Are you looking to move up a level at work or go for a new job elsewhere?

This coaching programme is for you if the answer is yes to any of these.

Do I need to have a certain level of experience before I sign up?

Not at all. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at in your career; if you have the right mindset to want to learn and improve yourself, then this programme is for you.

How is The PPM Academy Programme different to other coaching programs?

Another great question!

Most training out there for Project Managers is a course of some sort, the majority of them valuable, but they’re designed for the thousands, so every single one is the same.

You learn a lot on the course, and it looks great on your CV, but how much can you implement in your day job?

The PPM Academy Programme is designed for what you need personally and in your career. No programme is the same, it’s created for what you need so you can get the most value.

So The PPM Academy Programme is a coaching programme, not a course.

How does it work?

I work with a small number of Project Managers every 12 weeks to give them personal coaching throughout this time.

Everything we do is 121, there are no group sessions, so you have access to me only throughout our time together.

What’s included?

12 X 1hr coaching session with me. They’re booked for an hour, but if we need to go longer, we’ll do whatever is needed for the session.

Access to a ton of online video content to support the programme throughout the 12 weeks. These are shared to supplement what we cover in the 121s; think of them as extra reading between sessions.

Access to all the PPM Academy Project Management templates so you can spend more time on your personal development, your teams and projects, not creating templates.

Accountability check-ins. Be ready for some accountability reminders from me throughout our time together to help you stay committed and deliver on what we agreed in our 121s.

Still have questions? Email us at
Meet your COACH

Hi, I’m Ben Willmott

I'm so excited to be sharing this coaching programme with you.I've been working in Project Management for over 19 years, and most of that time in digital agencies, so I have real-world experience with the most demanding projects to plan and run at pace.

Being a Project Manager can be challenging. Everyone expects you to know everything, be on top of every task and never miss a beat.

Often working late or starting early, hoping you'll finally be in complete control of your project by working harder.

I've been there, constantly feeling I need to do more for my team, or there will be a problem around the corner, or will we meet the next deadline.

Taking what I've learnt working in nearly 20 years of running projects and managing large teams of Project Managers, I've created the PPM Coaching Programme.

The PPM coaching programme combines all of these learnings into a bespoke coaching programme which focuses on your Project Management skills, productivity and mindset, as when connected, enables you to become a high-performing Project Manager and flourish in your career.

Do you want to achieve what you're capable of?

Just start by booking a free discovery call with me, and we'll take a look at where you're now, and where you want to go and suggest some possible ways to get you there

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Feedback on the instructor

“I can’t fault the team for their dedication and I would happily recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality design partner. We couldn’t have done it with out them.”

Annie Owen
Senior Project Manager

“Ben has a passion for Agile and through his teaching I have learned practical tools and approaches that I’ve utilised to develop new approaches and ways of working. As a result I feel like I’ve been able to apply more rigor to my thinking, whilst also keeping an eye on how to simplify how I share information and activities with various stakeholders to ensure clarity and alignment.”

Liam Elliott
Senior Delivery Manager

“I was looking for a solution that was both easy-to-use and beautiful to the eye, needless to say Optic delivered on both accounts in spades. Thanks to the team.”

Seb Fahey
Project Manager

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Client Reviews

I had the pleasure to have Ben as my line manager for many years. All I can say is he was an incredible leader, mentor and coach during my time with him. I felt there was no problem or issue I couldn’t discuss with Ben and always came away feeling very supported. I honestly valued my years with Ben.

Ben coached me in the agile space and gave me the confidence I needed to continue my career.

Sebastian Fahey

Senior Project Manager

Ben was a big part of my experience at Karmarama, who really really helped me in building my confidence, as well as shaping my vision for the future of my career. Offering me the tools, and opportunities to do so along the way.

Ben was a great advocate & supporter for me even beyond my role within his team.

Ben has a great balance of being pragmatic & clear, whilst also allowing the space for you to think about how you can develop in your own unique way. Anyone would be very fortunate to work with Ben, and I hope I will have that opportunity again in the future.

Liam Elliott

Innovation Strategist

I learnt so much on agile practices and managing complex projects in my time working with him. He was my go-to when I didn’t know where to start and was always there to bounce ideas off and provide support.

I was really impressed with how he handled high pressure and fast paced projects, particularly when we worked together on a brand new start-up product.

He was able to help cut through the noise and provide the focus we needed, whilst always remaining calm and collected. I hope we get the chance to work together again in the future!

Holly May

Senior Delivery Coach

The biggest thing I learnt from Ben was how to stay calm in a hectic delivery / project management world.

Things change all the time and Ben helped me to realise there is always time to make the right decision.

Putting frameworks in place to help keep track of where you are and where you’re going to help manage changes down the road which as much as you try and avoid in project durations - do happen.

Ben was also the one who introduced me to the world of agile which has been pinnacle to my career to date.

Annie Owen-Shepherd

Digital Project Manager

He's a great mentor, supporter, and cheerleader.

He was always calm, and pragmatic; coaching me on breaking down challenges and trying various approaches.

Equally approachable and directive, I learned a lot in our time working together.

Always the go-to person for Agile knowledge, everyone knew they were in good hands when Ben was involved!

Katherine Lawson

Senior Agile Delivery Lead

He is honestly one of the best leaders and mentors I have had throughout my career, and is one of the most infectious personalities that you are naturally just drawn to!

Caring, thoughtful, personable, genuine and highly respected among his team and clients, that combined with his technical knowledge allows him to communicate with ease across all departments and personalities.

Ben would have to be one of the first names on anyone's dream team list, he has time and time again demonstrated competence in both Agile methodologies and getting the best out of his project teams!

Alki Makwana

Design Lead