25 Ways to Prepare For a Remote Project Management Interview

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Thousands of companies around the world are adapting to the new way of working, and it’s changing the way we think about how we work and how we recruit.  

More and more companies are now not only recruiting remotely but the candidates they’re looking at can be truly global.  

What this means is the market for specific roles is getting bigger, so how you prepare for an interview is now even more critical.  

A remote interview still requires the same preparation as a face to face interview when it comes to preparing your questions, rehearsing your responses and research on the role and company you’re interviewing for.

What changes with a remote interview is the set up of your interview space. With face to face interviews, it was how you presented yourself physically but now you have to consider things like how good is your audio, what is your viewing angle like and do I have a quiet space to do the interview in.

By completing these 25 preparation tasks, it could be the difference from having a good interview versus having a great one.

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